Dispute Resolution

We provide the following services:

  • Settlement of disputes at pre-trial stage, representation of parties in the course of negotiations and working out of modalities for settlement of disputes;
  • Legal support in all judicial instances-the Arbitration Court, courts of general jurisdiction
  • International commercial arbitration
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Representation of interests in disputes with state bodies.
  • Execution of judicial acts, representation in relations with the MTP
  • Evaluation of debtor’s ability to repay debt.

In the course of doing business, the emergence of disputes between participants in business is inevitable. In the event of a conflict, seeking professional assistance on a timely basis allows you to establish a strategy for further actions and develop a legal position that is consistent with the law and established jurisprudence, thereby increasing the likelihood of success.

Dispute resolution through the courts is by far the most effective method for restoring the balance of interests of the parties.

Judicial practice is one of the most popular areas of our company’s practice.


Dispute resolution

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Dispute resolution

Significant reduction in the amount of the penalty

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Dispute resolutionLabor Law

Suppression of labor extremism

Law Firm "Legal Studio" successfully defended the interests of a Group of Companies engaged in design and construction throughout Russia, the CIS and Europe, proving the absence of labor relations…

Leading Lawyers in Dispute Resolution:

Владимир Комаров

Vladimir Komarov

Managing Partner


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Денис Шестаков

Denis Shestakov



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Mikhail German

Mikhail German

Senior Lawyer


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Svetlana Kudryashova

Svetlana Kudryashova

Counsel, Attorney


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