International Law

When conducting foreign economic activity, it’s not enough for the companies to know the norms of Russian laws. This sphere is subject to other rules common to all the participating countries. Therefore, to be successful in the foreign markets, the assistance of  lawyers practicing international law is required.

Relations with non-resident partners are fraught with many difficulties due to differences in domestic legislation, conflicts of interest, and stricter requirements for documenting transactions. The decision to apply in this situation for services of a lawyer practicing international law will turn out to be the ultimately right one.

This will ensure:

  • effective protection of the interests of the organization in negotiations or during court trials;
  • timely and detailed legal advice on issues related to the order and practice of the application of international law;
  • assistance and support when entering into contracts with foreign counterparties.

Entry into the foreign market of goods and services is a long and laborious process. It involves a detailed study of the basics of economic relations with importers or exporters. But what is even more important is the legislative framework for such cooperation, making sense of which will  be helped by legal advice on international law.

Specialists who have the necessary education and relevant experience in this field will bring your company invaluable benefits by making interactions with foreign partners as safe and profitable as possible!

Our company offers all kinds of legal support in international law.

Our clients are guaranteed:

  • competent arrangement of account opening procedures in foreign financial institutions;
  • assistance of a lawyer in incorporation and registration of firms in the territory of other states in accordance with national legislation and international law;
  • detailed analysis of risks in the conduct of foreign economic activity;
  • drawing up contracts with foreign enterprises;
  • services of a lawyer in international law when examining the provisions of documents and assessing their prospects;
  • legal support on agreement execution during the whole period of its duration.


International Law

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