Restructuring and Bankruptcy

Members of our team have been participating in bankruptcy procedures since 2001, both on  debtors’ and creditors’ sides. To date, the company has developed a sufficient methodological base, a team of specialists that includes qualified lawyers, financial experts, auditors and arbitration managers with experience in conducting bankruptcy procedures at all stages.

Our experts were among the first to introduce the practice of bringing to subsidiary responsibility persons controlling the debtor and challenging the transactions made with preference.

We provide the following services:

  • advising on bankruptcy matters of individuals and legal entities;
  • analysis of the financial condition of debtor, assessment of the liquidity of their property;
  • preparation for bankruptcy proceedings, collecting and analyzing documents necessary to initiate bankruptcy proceedings and putting in place correct procedures, representation in the Arbitration Court, at a meeting with creditors, in state bodies and institutions and in other instances when initiating the procedure;
  • preparation of a debt restructuring plan;
  • selection of arbitration manager in accordance with the nature of the debtor’s business;
  • representing the interests of debtors or creditors in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • appeal of actions of arbitration administrator;
  • challenging debtor’s transactions;
  • preparation for and disposition of property of debtor.


Restructuring and bankruptcy

Lawyers of “Legal Studio” managed to ensure reinstatement of monetary claims against counterparty and their subsequent recovery under the unjust enrichment clause, thereby adding to bankrupt debtor’s insolvency estate

Lawyers of Legal Studio managed to defend the position on recognition of transactions made after the bankruptcy case had been initiated between the Bankrupt Debtor (Client) and its Counterparty, invalid,…
Restructuring and bankruptcy

Protecting the interests of head of a large strategic enterprise from the consequences that would have occurred if it were declared bankrupt

Lawyers of our company revealed procedural violations committed by the court when considering the report of the financial manager on the results of the procedure for restructuring the debts of…
Restructuring and bankruptcy

Legal Studio specialists carried out legal support for bankruptcy of legal entity – a developer, as a result of which legal entity managed to be liquidated without the head and participants of the company being involved in the subsidiary responcibility

The legal entity had a high volume of payables in the form of debt on lease payments for the use of land plots due to the City Property Management Committee…

Leading Lawyers in Restructuring and Bankruptcy:

Денис Шестаков

Denis Shestakov


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