Intellectual Property

The organization’s assets may include industrial designs, inventions, trademarks, production experience, etc. Business reputation can also  present good commercial value for the organization. All these facilities are specific in their application and the way they are protected.

Increasing importance in the activities of legal entities is played by intangible assets, the cost of which is often comparable to the prices for real property.

We provide the following services:

  • conducting research on issues that arise in the practice of a commercial organization, developing a strategy for protecting intellectual property;
  • preparation of license agreements;
  • registration of trademark rights;
  • recommendations on accounting and taxation of transactions involving intellectual property;
  • recommendations on the possibilities of using international legal protection of intellectual property;
  • realization of the strategy of protection of intellectual property (support for judicial, arbitration, customs, criminal procedures);
  • preparation of documents for the above procedures.

Making commercial decisions without taking into account the specifics of application and legal protection of intangible assets can lead to risks of their loss, or cause significant damage to the company.


Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

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