Taxes and Accounting

We provide the following services:

  • tax audit;
  • counseling and protection of client’s interests in tax disputes;
  • advising the client on tax risks when entering into contracts;
  • establishment of tax and management accounting, workflow management and optimization of internal processes in the company.

Tax Audit

  • written and oral consultations on tax law for legal entities and individuals;
  • analysis of tax risks, development of recommendations for their minimization based on the company’s business profile;
  • advising a client on tax risks when entering into contracts;
  • preparation for scheduled activities on tax compliance, expert support during inspections;
  • drafting objections to tax audit acts;
  • appealing tax audit conclusions to higher tax authority;
  • preparation of claims against tax audit reports;
  • advising and protecting clients’ interests in tax disputes;
  • advising on incorporation and use of foreign non-resident companies for tax purposes.

Tax disputes are some of the most frequently arising in business practice. Often, fiscal authorities deliberately go for breaching the tax code, hoping for illiteracy of the taxpayer. A taxpayer, being unsure of his knowledge or simply fearing larger sanctions, prefers not to argue with the state.

Specialists who have many years of experience working for tax authorities and audit companies, will help you to appeal non-statutory acts of state bodies, actions or inaction of officials, both in pre-trial procedure and in the Arbitration Court as well as in courts of general jurisdiction.


Taxes and Accounting

Providing legal support to one of the oldest ceramics’ manufacturers in St. Petersburg in a tax dispute

In the dispute between "Lomonosovskaya Keramika" LLC and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 8 for the Leningrad Region on invalidation of the decision on the additional assessment…
Taxes and Accounting

Legal support for transactions in the acquisition of securities and other financial instruments

Lawyers of Legal Studio have provided legal support for transactions in the acquisition of securities and other financial instruments in order to increase net assets, improve the financial condition and…
Taxes and Accounting

Dispute with the tax authorities in a bankruptcy case

The client was the Arbitration Manager of the enterprise - a development company. The cost of accounts payable in the register of creditors' claims amounted to 3.6 billion rubles. In…

Leading Lawyers in Taxes and Accounting:

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Оксана Афанасьева

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Alena Ivanova

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