Environmental Law

Compliance with environmental protection legislation and environmental law is subject to control and supervision by authorized bodies. Results of audits of compliance with environmental requirements show that accountability measures provided by Russian legislation are often applied against companies – large fines or even suspension of activities. Judging by the practice and our experience, the outcome of a case on violations in the field of environmental protection is determined by the quality of the substantiation of the legal position of the client company in a dispute over the appeal of administrative proceedings.

Practice shows that courts often consider administrative proceedings that are not contested in court as a condition for holding companies accountable and, most importantly, for prejudicial consolidation of material facts.

Qualified legal support increases the company’s chances of minimizing possible negative consequences in the form of possible penalties for environmental damage in subsequent processes.

We provide the following services:

  • Audit of reporting documentation and relations with contractors in the field of construction, re-equipment / reconstruction of existing production facilities.
  • Extended responsibility of manufacturers and importers. Proper control of waste management contractors and maximum savings in payments to the budget from executing contracts. Monitoring and regulation of the calculation of environmental fees.
  • Selection and verification of contractors in the field of waste management for compliance with the requirements of the Federal Service for Supervision of Nature Protection and Regional Supervision; legal accompaniment on entering an agreement with processors, checking documents on waste disposal for compliance with the law. Advice on the creation of own infrastructure for recycling, legal support for establishment of an association of manufacturers and importers.
  • Integrated environmental resolutions brought along for large businesses as of 2019. Revision of the requirements for the costs of core activities and new requirements for the daily operations of the largest enterprises in the real sector.
  • Environmental Due Diligence for environment-realated investments – purchase of enterprises, audit of own costs or investments in the field of waste management.
  • Audit of title documents, environmental reporting for facilities and reporting documentation provided by contracting companies. An audit of the organization’s environmental documentation prior to review by government agencies (“lawyer + environmentalist”) in order to reduce possible fines.
  • Challenging rulings on administrative violations in the environmental sphere, both in front of state control bodies and in courts.
  • Representing clients in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction in connection with claims by state control and supervision bodies.

Our practice aims to cover all regions of Russia. Lawyers and environmentalists of “Legal Studio”, as a rule, would examine the situation at the client’s location. This ensures a high level of representation and in-depth detailed work on our legal positions.


Environmental Law

Representation of a client’s interests in a legal dispute with the Departments’ of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources of the North-West Federal District, “Marine Supervision” department

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Environmental Law

Representing the interests of one of the largest landfills for waste disposal in the Leningrad region in a dispute with the Rosprirodnadzor Department of the North-West Federal District

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Environmental Law

Advising a client on environmental law issues

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