Dispute resolution

Collecting debt for work performed in the amount of 316 million rubles under a construction contract

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Lawyers of the Law Firm “Legal Studio” accepted a request from a client (the client’s area of activity was manufacturing, die tooling repairs and upgrade) to analyze the situation and participate in the development of a legal position due to the need to collect debts on actually completed work under a construction contract for the amount of more than 316 million rubles.

The situation was complicated by the presence of an additional agreement signed between the parties, which significantly changed the subject of the contract.

As a result of the position review, the basis of the lawsuit was clarified and a claim was made for the recovery under the “unjust enrichment” clause.

As a result, the defendant agreed with the unjust enrichment claim, dismissed his counterclaims, coming out with a proposal to conclude a settlement agreement, which was later approved by the court.