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Labor dispute on the dismissal of General Director

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During the consideration of another labor dispute, lawyers of Legal Studio proved the illegality of the Claimant’s dismissal (i.e the General Director of the three Limited Liability Companies), as well as the fact that the Defendant (a participant in the LLC) had been hiding the fact of his dismissal from the Plaintiff for over two years.

The complexity of the dispute laid in the fact that the client’s dismissal occurred more than 2 years prior to our lawyers being approached, and there were no employment contracts or other documents to establish the amount of the salary agreed on at the time of the hiring.

As a result of the painstaking work of our lawyers the dispute was won: the court refused to respond to the defendant’s statute of limitations claim, and the client was reinstated as General Director in all three companies with compensation for forced absenteeism and compensation for moral harm.