Labor Law

Advising one of the leading expert institutions of St. Petersburg in the field of industrial safety on issue of staff reduction in one of its structural divisions

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The complexity of the project consisted of the fact that employees who were on leave to care for children under the age of one and a half were also downsized. This category of employees was entitled to a number of compensations and guarantees during the dismissal procedures, and any violation of the procedure could result in not only administrative liability for the client, but also litigation, which in most cases would result in decisions in favor of the employees, while the Company would be under obligation to make payments, often in substantial amounts.

A team of lawyers developed an action plan and internal regulations required to carry out the staff reduction procedure, made recommendations on the terms of termination of labor agreements, the amount of compensation, transfers to other structural divisions, and prepared all the necessary documents regulating the legal relationship between the Company and the employees, which allowed to avoid any negative consequences in carrying out measures to reduce staff, as well as legal proceedings and cases that otherwise would have been filed on administrative violations and possible visits by the State Labor Inspection and the Prosecution Office.