Real Estate

Advising a Consulate General of a European country in St. Petersburg on real estate issues.

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A Consulate General of one of the European countries in St. Petersburg had been for a long time turning to the specialists of Legal Studio for the provision of legal services to support its activities in St. Petersburg.

During one of the requests, the company’s specialists were entrusted with developing a legal framework for changing the landlord under an office space lease agreement in connection with the transfer of ownership to a new person. Wherein, the transfer of ownership was revealed by the Consulate General from open sources, while the rent continued to flow to the previous owner.

The outcome of the work done by the experts of the company was a trilateral agreement on the transfer of rights and obligations developed as per  the office premises rental agreement, which also reflected that the rent from the moment of signing the agreement was based on the prerequisites of the new landlord, and in relation to the previously made payments, from the moment of transfer of the ownership until the signing of the tripartite agreement, the parties had confirmed and guaranteed that they had no complaints.