Labor Law

Protecting interests of employees of maritime transport company

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A group of employees of the maritime transport company, which was a Russian subsidiary of a large Chinese corporation, turned to “Legal Studio”. By decision of the foreign participant, the company where the named workers were employed, planned a merger with another competing company. The merger procedure was carried out in violation of the current corporate and labor legislation of the Russian Federation. However, the workers were still willing to get a job in a new company, provided that the current level of wages, bonuses, benefits, compensation and working conditions were maintained after the merger process was completed.

A team of lawyers protected the interests of the company’s employees during the entire merger process. According to the results of the analysis of the situation, numerous violations of the rights of workers were established: coercion to dismissal, change in the labor function, non-transparent wage system, etc.

The lawyers implemented the mediators’ function, and following the outcome of a series of negotiations, a compromise was found that met the interests of clients, and the company sent an official job offer to the employees. The lawyers made a detailed analysis of the proposed draft labor contracts on their compliance with the current labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

As a result, the new employer was forced to enter employment agreements on terms that met the interests of the workers and in accordance with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation.