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Legal support for international construction contracts

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With sale and purchase of real estate objects, their rental and construction abroad, as the main focus of their business, our regular client, a construction company, had repeatedly turned to Legal Studio for a legal accompaniment for its ongoing business activities. For example, as part of the day-to-day services provided by the specialists of Legal Studio, legal assistance was provided for drafting a number of agreements for the construction of a country house, a sauna, and landscape design in Finland. In the process of providing legal support, the company’s specialists developed draft contracts while taking into account the interests of the Client as well as the specifics of Finnish legislation. It was necessary to consider that a contract would be drafted in two languages and, in the event of a dispute, would be subject to consideration in Finland according to a relevant applicable law, but the language of interpretation would be Russian as agreed by the parties.

Also, the company’s specialists organized and conducted trilateral remote negotiations with the participation of the Client, the ordering Customer and the contract Manager in Finland. As part of these negotiations, controversial issues were resolved in terms of the volume of services, responsibility for the safety of the object, the work stages and costs were approved, in determining which, it was necessary to consider the fact that due to the specifics of Finnish legislation, the last stage of the work could not account for more than 10% of its cost.

According to the results of legal services rendered by the specialists of Legal Studio, all conflict issues between the Client and the ordering Customer were resolved, the result of which was the signing of all work contracts, with the interests of each of the parties taken into account. At the same time all legal risks that could occur in the event of a dispute were minimized for the Client.