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Advising on a dispute with a Hong Kong-based seafood supplier

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A client, who signed a contract with the Hong Kong company for the supply of frozen fish, had complaints regarding the quality of the delivered goods. The client contacted us to settle this dispute with a company from Hong Kong out of court. Our specialists analyzed the current situation and prepared a formal complaint on behalf of the client, however, the client decided to withdraw the claim due to disproportionately high court costs (the arbitration clause provided for consideration of the case at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce) and the risks arising from contract deficiencies (the conditions for delivering the supplies had not been described in detail, as well as requirements for the quality of the goods). Considering such outcome of the case, the client clarified the task and asked to finalize the standard form of the contract for the supply of goods with foreign contractors. Our specialists developed a new standard form that fully took into account the previous negative experience: in particular, our specialists provided for a new arbitration clause and applicable law, significantly expanded the specification of delivery terms and described in detail the requirements for the quality of goods.