Labor Law

Advising Client on Labor Law and conducting employee assessment

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A client engaged in manufacturing of laboratory furniture, suffered significant losses due to the inefficiency of the employees. The objective that the lawyers faced, was to conduct assessment of the employees and the introduction of an effective system of employee motivation.

Lawyers of the Law Firm “Legal Studio “LLC provided legal support for the procedure for the full assessment of the workers, including developing of all the internal regulatory acts necessary for this procedure (for example, the provision on assessment). As per the results of the assessment, lawyers provided legal advice on the procedure for termination of employment agreements with the employees who did not pass the assessment. In order to increase labor productivity, lawyers also developed and introduced a new system of employee motivation, including both tangible and intangible incentives.

The assessment of workers allowed the Client to get rid of inefficient workers, thereby reducing the burden on the salary fund, and the new motivational system contributed to an increase in labor productivity and, as a result, the company’s profitability.