PPP and investments

PPP and investments

Public-private partnership (PPP) is the concept uniting various models of cooperation between the private sector and public hand with the purpose to construct and operate public sector facilities. Usually such cooperation is long-term and is based on the combined investments and allocation of risks and responsibilities between the public and private partners.

Implementation of investment projects for transport infrastructure including the projects, based on the public-private partnerships is one of the most rapidly developing practices in our company. Since 2005 our lawyers are being involved in legal consulting of the projects based on the public-private partnership in St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia.

Our services:

  • Development of legal framework to introduce PPP mechanisms of state-private partnership upon request of federal and regional governmental bodies, and municipalities;
  • Advising public institutions and governmental bodies on developing the regional PPP policy and legal framework for the implementation of PPP projects;
  • Legal assessment of project risks and development of recommendations on optimizing their distribution among the participants of the project;
  • Development of an optimal legal and institutional structure of the project including preparation of proposals on options for financing the project (including proposals for the applicable instruments of state support for the project)
  • The legal justification for an optimal model of the implementation of infrastructure projects, including the use of public-private partnership, based on an assessment of legal risks of the project and their optimal allocation among the participants of the project;
  • Organizational and legal support of process of the coordination and reception of the necessary endorsements and permits for the project;
  • Advice on property and legal issues arising in connection with the implementation of public-private partnership;
  • Preparation of draft bidding documents, including the drafting of concession agreements and other documents regulating the relations of the project participants;
  • Organizational and legal support of contractor selection process;
  • Negotiating with key project participants.

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