Ecological consulting

We defend and advise on the questions concerning application of environmental and health legislation. Our clients' activity areas include construction and development, territorial planning, housing and utilities, industry manufacturing and waste management. The assistance service in arbitration and administrative disputes with state environmental control authorities is a new and the most dynamic project evolving in the framework of Legal Studio.

Since 2006 our specialists have been engaged into environmental consulting and support of large investment projects in different regions of Russia.

We offer financial and administrative management of the risks occurring in the following fields:

  • environmental and health safety,
  • practice of environmental state supervisory institutions,
  • environmental management costs.

Our recommendations are simple and realistic. They are based on an extensive jurisprudence and a vast practical experience of our ecologists/environmental specialists and lawyers.

Our ‘know-how’ is the assistance in reimbursement from the federal budget of the expenses/payments for negative impact on the environment in respect to disposal of industrial and communal waste at dedicated waste disposal facilities (landfills).

In addition, we offer:

  • litigation of various decisions of Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service and other governmental bodies on compensation of the damage caused to the individual components of the environment (excessive emissions and discharges of pollutants, waste disposal);
  • drafting and verification of the environmental reports, calculating fees for negative impact on the environment;
  • organizing and participation in the documentary and on-site inspections of legal entities/bodies by the environmental protection and control authorities;
  • appealing against administrative protocols and resolutions on administrative offenses provided for by Sec. 8 of the Administrative Code of The Russian Federation (the most frequent articles are 8.1 "Failure to comply with the environmental requirements for the implementation of urban development and operation of industrial facilities, buildings orother objects", 8.2 "Failure to comply with the environmental and health requirements applied to the management of industrial and domestic waste or other hazardous substances/materials", 8.10 "Violation of the requirements for the rational use of mineral resources", 8.21 "Violation of the air quality protection regulations", 8.41 "Over-due payment of the compensation for negative impact on the environment");
  • development of the documentation in the field of environmental and health regulations for planned and existing facilities.