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1. Specifics of the international contract content.

How to verify foreign counterparts and powers of their representatives.

Coordination of terms and conditions of the contract: how to close the gaps. How to choose the governing right. Is it always necessary to insist on the use of the Russian law. What to do if a clause is missing in the contract.

How to avoid problems with tax authorities and with Rosfinnadzor. How and when it is necessary to formulate the terms and conditions of the contract.

Problems of settlements. How to return money in case of violation of the contract terms.

Condition on the quality of goods. What to do in case of delivery of non-quality goods.

How to prove non-conformity of the goods to the terms and conditions of the Contract.    

Responsibility for violation of contractual obligations.

Limitation of the buyer’s and seller’s remedy.

2. Basic delivery conditions (Incoterms – 2010).

New basic terms and conditions.

Conflict between the customs code and some delivery conditions.

Advantages of the use of old edition.

Typical conditions not being included into Incoterms.

Modern tendencies of legal regulation of international contracts. UNIDROIT (International Institute for the Unification of Private Law) Principles 2010.

3. Peculiarities of transactions with non-resident (offshore) companies.

Lawfulness of the acquisition of shares of foreign companies by Russian residents. Legal regulation of acquisition and possession matters.

Main violations of the currency and tax legislation in using affiliated non-resident companies. Responsibility for such violations.

Anonymity in using foreign companies. Information exchange between tax authorities of various countries (by the example of Cyprus).

4. Currency regulation.

Main tendencies of judicial practice for disputes with Rosfinnadzor. Responsibility for non-repatriation of currency earnings and peculiarities of its imposition in judicial practice.

Proof of resident’s innocence. Mitigating circumstances.

5. Taxation of transactions within the framework of VED (foreign economic activity).

Tax agent’s obligations on payment of taxes when operating with non-residents.

Procedure for calculating tax payments when operating with non-residents.

Peculiarities of tax payments when operating with customs union residents.


Workshop leaders:

Valentina Talimonchik – Specialist in the area of international relations, Laureate of the “Who is Who. Leading Russian lawyers” Prize in the specialty of foreign economic activity, Assistant Professor of the International Law Chair, Law Faculty, St. Petersburg State University

Oleg Shevtsiv – Director of the Department of typical procedures, North West Legal Center, leading specialist in international planning, lecturer of international workshops and conferences

Igor Podval'nyy - Chairman of the Court of the Judicial Board of the Federal Arbitration Court of the Northwest District

Tatiana Shpacheva - Judje of the Judicial Board of the Federal Arbitration Court of the Northwest District 

Vera Vladimirovna Klimova – Chief state tax inspector, Administration of the Federal Tax Service for St. Petersburg, 3rd Class Advisor of State Civil Service of the Russian Federation


Vladimir Nickolayevich Komarov – Managing Partner, Legal Studio

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