Team Legal Studio - GRATA International took part in the charitable run of lawyers "SPb Legal Run"

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Team Legal Studio - GRATA International took part in the charity run  "SPb Legal Run 2017" at 5 km distance. The race was held in the Central Park of Culture and Rest on the Elagin Island.

International Charity Run of Lawyers Legal Run 2017 is a unique fundraising project that brings together representatives of the professional community of lawyers from around the world in support of the charity fund "Give Life". Over the previous years in Russia, the project was able to collect 6 million 300 thousand rubles, which spent to the treatment of 22 seriously ill children. This year, thanks to the participants of the race, it was possible to raise 827,000 rubles.

Pavel Balyuk took the third place in the spring ranking "Lawyer of the Season" of the newspaper "Delovoy Peterburg"

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The newspaper Delovoy Peterburg summed up the results of the 20th ranking of lawyers. Pavel Balyuk lawyer of the law firm Legal Studio (already having the title of lawyer in autumn 2016) took the third place with a case for recovery of court expenses.

In the arbitration process, under contractual agreements in favor of our client, a penalty in the amount of 521,240 rubles was collected. Due to the complexity and lengthy process (14 court sessions), examination and appeal, the cost of the services rendered by our firm amounted to 560 520 rubles. We filed an application for recovery of court expenses. Services were paid on the basis of a report on actual labor costs, in connection with which, in the first hearing, the court requested a justification for the reasonableness of hourly rates and confirmation of the hours spent on each action from the report.

To confirm the reasonableness of the hourly rates, we sent inquiries to several legal companies that provided their hourly rates. We express our gratitude to colleagues who helped us at that moment. 

Our company uses the electronic platform Pyrus, which allows you to track the execution of orders and take into account the time worked. To confirm the time, we prepared printouts from the electronic platform. In addition, they submitted an official letter from the developers, according to which their task book does not provide for the possibility of editing records and their creation by an arbitrary date.

Based on the evidence, the court found the hourly rates to be reasonable and reasonable, and the actions indicated in the report are confirmed and do not cause doubts. As a result, on March 28, 2017, court expenses in the amount of 503 022 rubles were collected in favor of our client, which amounted to 90% of the initial claims.

Legal Studio and GRATA International announced the signing of a Memorandum of Association

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May 18 at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum law firm Legal Studio and international law firm GRATA International announced the signing of a memorandum of association. Under the agreement, the companies will conduct joint projects and clients that have interests both in Russia and in foreign jurisdictions, including the CIS and Eastern Europe. Clients of Legal Studio get an access to a wide range of new services that will provide services not only within the traditional for the company practices, but also attract highly qualified partners.

"Alley of friends" appeared on the Ivanovo career

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April 29 at the Ivanovo career was planted alley of holly maples, which was called "Alley of Friends." Preparation for the event lasted about four months. As a result, an alley of 38 trees appeared on the shore of one of the largest reservoirs of St. Petersburg, this is a gift for friends and partners of the legal firm Legal Studio.

Each tree became a personal symbol of strong partnerships. The enthusiasm of our friends shows that there is a great demand for good deeds in society.

Strengthening of partner relations with SPbSEU

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Legal Srudio Law firm and St. Petersburg State Economic University signed an agreement on the creation of a basic department. The goal of the department is integration of science and practical training of students, masters and graduate students of legal specialties.